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The National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago is a set of islets that were protected the 29th of April of 1991.

It has a great ecological value due to its isolation along the history and until now, which has kept them almost unaltered. The coastal landscape of Cabrera can be considered one of the mostly preserved of the whole Spanish coast, and one of the best of the Mediterranean. It is home to important marine birds and endemic species. However, the submarine area is the most outstanding.

The Cabrera Archipelago comprises a set of islands and islets located 10 km south of Mallorca, and it’s a marine and land National Park since 1991. It is a insular area preserve in its natural state, which harbors ecosystems of great ecological value, and one of the most preserved marine floors of the Mediterranean.

The marine fauna comprises more than 500 species, including 113 species of bryozoans, 22 of moluscs, 25 of crustaceans, 87 of sponges, and 214 different species of fish, which makes it the place with highest biodiversity of fish of the Mediterranean. The sea breams, salemas, dentex are abundant. It is also easy to find sea urchins and cuttle fish. In the rocky bottoms dwell the groupers, scorpion fish, octopuses, moray eels and congers sharing the habitat with sea turtles and dolphins. However, the monk seal (Monachus monachus) no longer lives in this area and only can be seen occasionally.

Cabrera has unique underwater landscapes, which makes it a very demanded site for recreational and cientific diving. Deep groups of soft and hard corals, coralligenous communities, sedimentary and detritus bottoms, are some of the ecosystems found in Cabrera. The rock formations, the underwater cannons, and the vertical walls determine the oceanographic conditions of the area, and harbor great biodiversity typical of them.


ZOEA Mallorca organizes dive trips during the summer months (June to September). The trips include 2 dives and a visit to the Port of Cabrera, where you can visit the castle and the museum, or just stroll around.

PRICE 108 €

The schedule:

09:00 – Arrived at the port of S’Estanyol to do the paperwork and load the boat.

09:30 – Departure

09:45 – Arrival in Cabrera and delivery of documentation in the port

10:15 – First dive

12:45 – Second dive

14:30 – Lunch. Each person brings their own lunch or in the canteen of the Port of Cabrera they sell sandwiches. Those who want can visit the Castle.

16:00 – Snorkeling in the Blue Cave

16:45 – Return to the port of S’Estanyol

17:00 – Logbook

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