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Created in 2004, this marine reserve has undergone a great increase of wildlife there and around. Three different dive sites can be enjoyed here.

This marine reserve is located very close to our dive center (5-10 min). It is strictly regulated for diving and fishing. The fishing activities are completely forbidden from May to October, and very restricted the other months of the year

With us you will be allowed to dive in this beautiful natural area, and you will contribute to its protection.

Declared in 2004 together with El Toro marine reserve, this group of islands will suprise you with its stunning landscape and the marine life that is home to. Big schools of barracudas, scorpion fish, moray eels and groupers are some of the species that can be regularly observed here.

From the natural pool with 3 meters of depth known as “Piscina Malgrats”, which is ideal for our diving training sessions; to the spectacular drop off to 35 meters at the tip (Punta Malgrats) for more experienced divers, this marine reserve is the most versatile with a wide variety of landscapes and suitable for diferent levels.

Located just 5 minutes away from our dive center, the Malgrats marine reserve offers 3 different dive sites..

Let yourself be seduced by its deep blue waters. It will be a gratifying experience!

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